• On Kolhapur-Ratnagiri Highway
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    10 Kms. from Nanijdham
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  • Plantation on Plot
    1 Mango, 1 Cashew, 1 Jackfruit, 1 Kokam tree.
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29 Acre N.A Plot Project. Plots starts from 3 Guntha.


On Kolhapur-Ratnagiri Highway

10 Kms. from Nanijdham.


1 Mango, 1 Cashew, 1 Jackfruit, 1 Kokam tree.

About Devalay

N.A. Plotting in Devle Village, Sakharpa, Tal- Sangmeshwar, Dist- Ratnagiri. Property is an asset one always desire to own. It is on one hand necessity and on the other a medium to flaunt status symbol.

Why Choose Us

When imagining the perfect real estate company, you would likely envision honest, trustworthy Sales people, dedicated, professional and friendly Investment managers, and a first class customer service team committed to meeting and exceeding clients’ expectations.

Main Feature

  • Plotting Total Plotting in 29 Acres.
  • Plots Plot Starts from 2.5 Guntha Land.
  • Amenities GI Pipe and GI Net Compound.
  • Water 24 Hours Water Connection.
  • 99 Devalay
  • 99 Devalay
  • 99 Devalay
  • 99 Devalay
  • 99 Devalay
  • 99 Devalay
  • 99 Devalay
  • 63 Devalay
  • 45 Devalay
  • 27 Devalay
  • 20 Devalay
  • 18 Devalay
  • 9 Devalay
  • 3 Devalay

Reasons to You Choose us

Commitment Guarantee
When you select Devalaya, our commitment to a successful transfer of the management of your property is guaranteed.
Referral Based Clientele
We are proud that over 100% of our clientele come by way of referral. We have numerous testimonials from long term clients that can offer you their word.
We provide our Lessors will regular feedback and communication throughout the management, not just the letting process.
With 0% of unsatisfied clients lost in over 10 years you know that you will be in safe hands!
We know our numbers and we are happy to share them with you. Statistics in modern property management are essential on keeping our fingers on the pulse of the market.

What Client’s Say

  • My investment with Devalaya was totally worth it. Devalaya has an excellent project with good amenities and facilities. The first impression itself was a brilliant one! My family and I, now have a pleasant place. Mr. Sunil Shinde, Pune. - customer

  • Buying a plot in Devalaya was a brilliant experience. The amenities and facilities provided here are exceptional and very thoughtful. The promises given to me before buying a plot were successfully delivered. I would like to thank Mr. Ganesh Khamkar and Devalaya for being innovative and thoughtful in their approach and for providing me and my family a complete heavenly solution. I am really happy with my investment in Devalaya. Gaurav Pawar, Kolhapur. - customer